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March 13, 2017

I like chickens..


Friday, January 14, 2005

Strange how the weather changed overnight. It was perfect yesterday since the ground was no longer frozen and there was great mud everywhere. But I didn't get a chance to play much in it because Andy wouldn't let me. It was all different this morning; everything is hard again. No mud, no fun. Sigh....

Last Saturday we went down to the hatchery to work on one of the dams that helps collect water for the hatchery. It started off just great. I was having a wonderful time with the guys, running around and checking stuff out. Then, suddenly, I was the center of attention. Everybody stopped working and Andy and Glenn rushed towards me. I couldn't figure out what this was all about. Then I noticed red stuff in the snow and my foot started to feel warm. I licked at it and it was salty and tasted odd. Seems I stepped on a broken bottle and cut my foot. I ended up at the vet. I don't remember much except that I got real groggy and fell asleep. When I woke up, I had a big bandage on my foot. We went home and I have been bugged by it since. I was almost rid of it on Tuesday, but Rebecca took me back to the vet and they put on another one. I've been trying to get this one off when nobody's looking, but it's stuck on real good. I've sorta given up on it and I guess I'll have to learn to live with it. But it's hard running around with no gription....

Andy says all is well at the hatchery. Vic finished fortifying the dams so we will be in good shape for the spring runoff. The Browns in the Heath trays are almost ready to go into the tanks. The guys have been picking them in preparation for that. The Atlantics and other Browns are doing great.

Vic found a small Atlantic downstream on Duffins Creek. It must be one of the ones we stocked.

I'm not really looking forward that much to the weekend. Andy says I can't run off the leash, so I won't be doing my usual running about. But it seems I'll get to go looking for owls again. I'll be stuck in the car most of the time, but I guess checking out cars and trucks as we drive around is better than nothing.

Gotta run. There's a pesky squirrel trying to get into the bird feeder.


Tuesday, January 4, 2005

I see it's been months since I last wrote anything. I'm sorry, but I have been busy and didn't have a chance to get to the computer other than to answer emails. I guess replying to email got me side-tracked and I forgot to keep you up to date.

I don't know where to begin; so much has happened. Many of you have asked for a more recent picture of me. I've now got one here. People tell me I still look like a puppy, whatever that means. I personally think I'm rather handsome. I'll try to get some more pictures posted, but Andy seems to be always photographing other stuff. Maybe just as well since posing for pictures can be very stressful.

I think the biggest news is what has happened at the hatchery. I didn't visit there all summer, but when I finally got to see it again in the fall, I found somebody had made everything smaller. I'm not sure about the buildings, but I know for a fact that they exchanged all the tanks for smaller ones. Andy used to have to lift me up so I could see into the tanks, but now I can just hop up and look right into them. I wonder why they changed them. Seems to me it would be better to have big tanks. But the fish are doing really well. I hear that we stocked over one hundred thousand Rainbow and Brown Trout in various spots, mostly in the Rouge River headwaters. And there are now over five thousand Atlanic Salmon in Duffins Creek. There is another batch of Atalntic eggs arriving this week, joining the 150 thousand Brown Trout alevin in the Heath trays. And you should see the Atlantics from last year; they've got to be 4-6 inches in length and they are doing very well. But what is really neat is the ten thousand Brown Trout in the big tanks. They go crazy when you feed them and I really like watching how they school around in the tanks. I've been going to the hatchery a lot these days; it's about time I get to visit there regularly.

I've also been going birding a lot. Well, I don't do much birding myself, other than keeping an eye out for stuff flying around, but I tag along. It's really great unless we get close to people and then I get stuck on a leash for a while. I don't really understand why since all I do is jump up on people to greet them by licking their faces. It's not like I do anything bad; I hardly get them muddy at all and I'm sure everybody enjoys me saying hello. Luckily I get to run around without the leash more than with it. I think I am very well behaved. At least a lot better than some people I saw on the weekend. We went to look for owls since this is turning out to be a great winter for them; they are all over the place. In one spot we went to, there were people chasing Great Gray Owls. I could not understand why they were doing this. They had big, fancy cameras, binoculars and telescopes, yet they insisted on getting within 10 feet of the birds. I felt sorry for the owls, seeing them being harassed like that. Particularly since there was no need to do so. Andy took this perfectly fine photo without chasing or disturbing them. Don't people realize that these birds are trying to find stuff to eat and that being chased from spot to spot keeps them from being able to do that? And then they wonder why they find them dead. Duh....

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about the scare I had a couple months ago. Andy and Lucia vanished. One day they were there and then they were gone. I at first figured they were just late coming home from work, but, before I knew it, it was the next morning and still no sign of them. I started to worry. Rebecca took really good care of and fussed a lot over me, but that just got me more worried since I was sure she knew something I didn't. I sat around, moping and whining but, day after day, they didn't come home. This went on for weeks and I was very sad. But just as I had given up all hope of ever seeing them again, they appeared at the door with suitcases and full of all sorts of new smells. I was *so* happy to see them. I hope they don't do something like that again. To make sure, I keep a very sharp eye on them now when they start putting on their shoes and head towards the door. And I stay real close to them, night and day.

I see this is getting very long, but I have to complain about what's happened outside. I can't go swimming anymore. The water has gotten all hard. And slippery too. So all I have to play in is narrow spots where the water is running fast. Andy let me go into the river a few times up until Christmas, but then the river got hard too. Now it's flowing again, but Andy says it's too dangerous for me to go in. I hope things return to normal soon; I really miss swimming. We might be going to the cottage this weekend, so I'm hoping the water there is not messed up like it is here.

Nap time... The holidays have been very busy; I missed a lot of daytime sleeping and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Please keep those emails coming and I promise I'll be better with keeping this page updated.


Friday, May 21, 2004

I don't quite know where to begin. It has been a rough couple weeks. Andy went fishing without me last week to Reserve Beauchene. He said it was to work. Something about removing Brook Trout fry from Scotty boxes. Seems this is something he helps with every year; catching brookies in the fall, stripping their eggs and milt and then placing the fertilized eggs in Scotty boxes, suspended in the lake. Then they go back in the spring to get the fry and stock them in lakes on the reserve. Doesn't sound like all that much work to me, especially since there seems to be more fishing, eating and drinking than anything else. He came back last Sunday, so we missed Walleye opener; I'm hoping we'll go out this weekend, even though I'm not feelng too well. I had a very unpleasant surprise last Monday. I thought Andy was taking me for a walk, but we drove off in the wrong direction and ended up at the doctor's office. I figured I was just gonna get poked in the butt, but I was wrong. I ended up in a cage and somewhere along the line I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt odd and noticed something wasn't quite right. A nice lady was talking about how well the surgery went and I was back in the cage. After sniffing around a bit, I discovered some pokey stuff that looked like monofilament on my private parts. Worse still, it looked like that nice lady used the mono to sew up a cut I had there. I don't remember having a cut when we left the house, but it must have been there because Rebecca asked Andy if he was taking me to get fixed. I guess I was broken and didn't know it. Anyway, after a long day in a cage, Andy finally showed up and we went home. It was kinda neat because everybody was fussing over me and feeding me treats.

But I haven't been feeling myself all week. Food doesn't seem to taste too good and I am sore and a bit tired. Even Andy's dirty socks are not that appealing. But at least I'm home and get to sit on the deck and play in the grass. The new sod is alright, I guess, but I still prefer mud. Or water. But I hear that I may not get to swim this weekend because I have "stitches". I guess I'll just sit in the boat and watch Andy pretend he's a great fisherman.

So I'll be off to the cottage this weekend. Andy needs to go to the hatchery before we leave. The Atlantics and browns are doing great and the rainbows have all hatched. In another couple weeks, they'll be leaving the Heath trays and going into the tanks. That probably won't happen until they are swim-up, so we still have some time to complete the hatchery renovations and waterworks. That's why Andy's needs to go to the hatchery tomorrow. The guys from the club will be working on laying new water supply pipes and cleaning up the area. The place is really shaping up; there is more room inside the buildings for tanks and work areas, and we now have an almost-complete storage room attached to Building #2. All the work should be completed within the next two weeks, which is great because there will then be more time to spend weekends at the cottage, fishing, swimming and chasing red squirrels. I can hardy wait....


Friday, April 23, 2004

I have a good feeling about today. I heard Andy say something about going to the butcher shop. I didn't hear all the details, but I heard the word "bones" mentioned a few times. I hope that means I've got some fine chewing to look forward to. Maybe even as good as that dried-up rabbit head I found last week. It was to die for... I'm praying they don't forget to cook the bones a bit since I'm not that fond of raw beef. Besides, what do they think I am, an animal?

On the downside, I hear they are going to cover my favourite soil patch with sod this weekend. I don't know why they insist on wrecking things all the time. This will totally ruin a perfectly good mud hole. It doesn't make sense to me. Andy just loves mud. He can't wait to get it off my feet when I come back into the house; he treats it like gold, sweeping and wiping at it every chance he gets. And now he's going to make it disappear. I just don't understand.

Andy says more Brown Trout are going to be stocked this weekend. He and a few of his buddies were checking out stocking locations on a stocking map. The next stockings won't be until the rainbow eggs hatch and are ready for release sometime in June. They will be stocked in the headwaters of the Rouge where, even during the summer, the water is cold. I've got to get down to the hatchery to see the eggs. There's over 250 thousand of them and I hear they are doing well; about half will be eyed-up this weekend. And I have to check out the remaining browns so I can see how much bigger they will be in the fall when they get released.

I think I have to nap now so I'll have plenty of energy for when everybody comes home. Please come again...


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

You'd think that with trout opener around the corner, Andy would be busy tying flies or cleaning out that putrid fishing vest of his (he has the nerve to say that *I* smell..). But no, he's got me running around chasing tennis balls as if I have nothing better to do. It just doesn't click in his head that I have plenty of shoes, socks, towels and house plants to play with... Anyway, I'm missing getting out to the hatchery to see how the fish are doing. I hear they stocked over 4,400, 6-8" Rainbow Trout in Bruce Creek on the weekend; I was hoping I'd get to see them one more time before they got released, but Andy thought I'd be in the way so I had to stay home. And he doesn't take me to the fishway either, saying it's too dangerous, like I'm some sort of klutz. All I know is they lifted close to 300 Rainbow Trout over the dam so they can for the first time in ages make their way upstream to spawn. I'm hoping they will be so successful that the club won't have to stock the river anymore but I'll miss going there to check out the eggs, fish and great mud... Then again, the backyard sometimes has some good quality mud. Ooops... Gotta run, I hear Amanda coming home. I'll try to write again soon.



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